An Important Message from the Webmaster

A lot of people have been asking the same questions.

What happened to OS X Hackers?
Is the team gone?
Why is nobody responding to messages?
Why are there no updates?

Well, I here to shred some light on what happened and how I let the community down in certain ways. Firstly, The site is still up, downloads are still working, and there will still be updates to macOS Extractor. We do have plans to replace MacPostFactor but that will take a while.

What Happened?

Basically life happened. Developers come and go. People have different jobs, relationships, and lives. With a community like this, it is normal for people to essentially disappear for extended periods of time. As of now, there are only two people monitoring the servers, Me (Isiah Johnson) and Robby Sharpero. I do have a few guys watching the forums, but as far as support, I'm the only one tackling hundreds of emails and tickets per week. To make things harder, I’m a college student. My studies obviously get top priority and will always be in the way of my progress in macOS Extractor and macOS Patcher. I know I let some of you down and I apologize greatly for that.

What about Donations?

Given the delay in updates and support, we are no longer accepting Donations. Anyone who has given us money to OS X Hackers directly this past month of September (not the other developer accounts) will see refunds within the next few weeks. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.
We will continue to use VigLink as our revenue stream to keep the domain and servers running.

Is MacPostFactor Dead?

Unfortunately, it is. After Wayne Wong left, MPF was pretty much 100% worked on by Kelian Dumerais. He managed to get El Capitan support added but as time went on he became less and less available. To make matters worse, he never gave the team the full source code. While we can make a few surface level corrections, the app as a whole can not be changed or updated without his full project. That leaves us with the question: What can we do the replace MacPostFactor. Hopefully the answer is macOS Patcher, a hobby project that I kept tinkering with for a few years.

Will there be support for Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave?

macOS Extractor and macOS Patcher are expected to in the future. It is worth noting that a developer, Dosdude1, has successfully made patchers for these versions of macOS. We will support him by advertising and redirecting to his work until our solutions can pull their weight.

Are you accepting more Developers?

We can but I believe the way we set up the Developers program as inheritly flawed. I and Robby need to figure out how to organize our work in a way that any and all developers can contribute.

Can I offer support?

You can. We have just revamped the new OS X Hackers Forum and welcome anyone to assist here in the forum, the comment section, and MacRumors threads

What is happening to the 32bit Macs

The future of 32-bit EFI Macs is not looking to good. We’ve had to say goodbye to a very important engineer in the Hackintosh Communities, Pike R Alpha. This man was considered a legend and role model for all of us for years. His bootloaders power all legacy Mac Pros and iMacs and without them, there was just no possible way to keep these machines alive with modern OSs.

Tragically, the Alpha family was faced with a great loss. Towards the end of 2017, Pike's wife had an accident and passed away due to complications of severe brain damage. While I, myself, only exchanged few words with him since I became a part of the Unsupported Mac Community, he was a generous man and it hurt me greatly to hear about what he went through last year. Our hearts and prayers all go to Pike and his entire family and whatever path they choose to follow in the future. As of now, I don’t know if he’ll ever come back to the Hackintosh world but you can continue to check out his blog for updates: 

What is macOS Patcher?

It is the future replacement for MacPostFactor. There will be two versions: one for macOS 10.8-10.11 and one for macOS 10.12 to current (Mojave). No, there is no ETA yet. I will not make any promises until the project is near completion.

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