Bring your Mac back to Life

macOS Big Sur gives you more of everything you love about Mac. It’s definitely a shame that your Mac is too old for it; or is it? With these Patchers, you can push your hardware beyond itself technicial limits to do extrodanary things and save your money.

Find the Right Method for your Mac

Whether its Ben Sova’s Patched Sur, Dosdude1’s Catalina Patcher, or Isiah’s macOS Extractor, you have a wide range of solutions that can work with your specific Mac Model.


We strive to push your Mac Model to its limit without compromising its usefulness. We support MacBooks 2006 or newer and Mac Desktops from 2007 or newer


We look at everything from Graphics to Battery life. Your Mac will not be stifle by its shortcomings but will do things Apple never thought it could do efficiently.

Open Source

The software we advertise are open source. If you need to add things like Kernel Extensions, you can. Users can even ask the developers to make custom built builds of their software.

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Our Vibrant Community Chat

We have  a Discord Server for the Unsupported Mac community. Whether you need some Support or Fun, you’re guaranteed someone is online