It’s time to Revive your ‘Old’ Mac

Our software, macOS Extractor and MacPostFactor are intelligent apps that help guide you through patching and installing newer version of macOS/OS X on your older Unsupported Macs


OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard was the first OS X version with optional support for a 64-bit kernel, allowing booting either with a 32-bit or 64-bit kernel. However, Apple did not support booting the 64-bit kernel in Macs that shipped with EFI32 firmware, even if they had 64-bit processors capable of running the 64-bit kernel. When Apple dropped the 32-bit kernel entirely from OS X, starting with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, EFI32 Macs no longer had an Apple-supported mechanism to boot newer OS X versions.
OS X 10.11 El Capitan includes System Intergrity Protection (Rootless security). It makes sure that System file permissions are automatically protected, and updated during Software Updates. The Repair Permissions function is no longer available and access to system files that we need to use in this thread may be locked.
Older Macs that lost support in macOS Sierra have an USB related issue that prevents the built-in USB as well as the thereon connected Input Devices and Bluetooth from working.


We strive to push your Mac Model to its limit without compromising its usefulness. We support MacBooks 2006 or newer; iMac 2006 or newer; Mac Mini 2007 or newer; and Mac Pro 2007 or newer models


We look at everything from Graphics to Battery. Your Mac will not be stifle by its shortcomings but will do things Apple never though it could do efficiently

Open Source

The software we advertise, especially macOS Extractor, are open source. If you need to add things like Kernel Extensions, you can. Users can even ask the developers to make custom built builds of their software.

Cloud Based

MacPostFactor and macOS Extractor works on the patches via server-side computing. This mean your Mac will always get the latest Kernel, Bootloader, and script changes.

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Find the right Method for your needs:

MacPostFactor works for both Mountain Lion, Mavericks,Yosemite, and El Capitan (certain Models).
Please note that older GPU (GMA 950, X3100, X1600, X1300, X1900, 7300gt, etc.) Graphics Acceleration on Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, or Sierra is not supported yet.
Installing on these models may cause them to have graphical issues as stated in these pages.

macOS Extractor is targeted for more advanced users and should be used as an alternative to MacPostFactor.


MacPostFactor (Discontinued)

  • Automated Installation

  • Stable Updates

  • Simple Design

  • Forum Support

Want the predecessor, MLPostFactor?

Click Here to Download Older Versions

macos extractor

macOS Extractor 1.44

Same Height Control
  • Manual Installation

  • Efficient Downloadable Assets

  • Open Source Design

  • Regular Updates


macOS Mojave Patcher by Collin Mstr/dosdude1

This is a simple GUI application that allows you to easily create a modified install drive to use for installing macOS Mojave on unsupported Macs.

View Guide 

dosdude1 is not affiliated with the macOS Extractor or MacPostFactor development of OS X Hackers. All credits go to him. Email Support may not be replied to in a timely manner. Not all unsupported Macs are capable of using this patch.

Become an OS X Hacker

We are doing such extraordinary work but it’s only going to get harder as we move forward. We are more than happy to accept new developers and people who want to help push OS X Hackers forward. We look for both promising developers willing to challenge their minds to macOSE and MCPF users who have the free time to help others succeed with their legacy Macs.
You don’t need to be good at programming to be an OS X Hacker!

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"I came across MacPostFactor (originally called MLPostFactor). This is a great piece of software which will edit and install later OSX versions onto older Mac hardware with pretty much only one or two clicks. "


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