Night Shift on Unsupport Macs

Developed by Isiah Johnson  (TMRJIJ)

Current Version: 2.0.1
July 31, 2019

Night Shift Enable Shell Script for Unsupported Macs Script made by Isiah Johnson (TMRJIJ) / OS X Hackers & Dosdude1
All credits for this work goes to Piker Alpha.

Special thanks to pookjw, PeterHolbrook, dosdude1, and aonez for their continued critiques and support from their own source work.



macOS Sierra 10.12.4 brings iOS's Night Shift mode to the Mac for the first time. Night Shift, first introduced on iOS devices in iOS 9.3, is designed to gradually shift the display of a device from blue to a subtle yellow, cutting down on exposure to blue light. Blue light is believed to interrupt the circadian rhythm, disrupting sleep patterns.

Night Shift is activated through the Displays section of System Preferences, where a setting to have it come on at sunset and turn off at sunrise is available. It can also be set to turn on and off at custom times. Night Shift can also be toggled on manually using the Notification Center or Siri. 

Why We Want It

"Many Studies have shown that exposure to bright blue light in the evening can affect your circadian rhythms and make it harder to fall asleep. Night Shift uses your Macs clock and geolocation to determine when it's sunlight in your location, then it automatically shifts the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum. In the morning, it returns the display to its regular settings. Pleasant dreams"


macOSE 3

Release Notes


Latest Update: 2.0.1

An update to the Night Shift Enabler was released on July 31, 2019.

Night Shift Enabler is recommended to assist you in Force Enabling Night Shift on your old Mac. Also, by updating the system software of your Mac, you can enjoy various additional features and enhanced security. Always use to the latest version.
Never download this from any other provider. All links must link to this page or directly from OSXH’s server. This is to ensure that nothing was tampered with and that you have the most reliable and tested software. 

Verison History

This update includes:

  • Addresses SIP Check Issue. If you are still having issues, please feel free to open a New Issue Ticket

Previous Changes in 2.0.x:

  • Updated the Script and Installer to directly change the Hex Data within the CoreBrightness Framework.

  • This script should remain compatible with all version of macOS Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.

  • You can now use other developer’s scripts (Pookjw and Aonez) to repatch and uninstall this Patch.

  • GUI Installer now consists of Mac Model Checks and Improved SIP check.

Known Issues

The following issues have been discovered to be affecting the current version of this patcher

  • Certain Third-party monitors are NOT Compatible with this Patch. 

  • SIP sometimes breaks the Patch resulting in a unresponsive System. Please reinstall via Internet Recovery in order to restore your OS to working order

System Requirements

See if your Mac can handle the Patcher.
Tested Macs listed below. Here are the minimum requirements: 

  • macOS 10.12 Sierra Supported

  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra Supported

  • macOS 10.14 Mojave Supported

  • macOS 10.15 Catalina Supported (included in macOS Patchers)

Warning: This patch might stop working in certain macOS Developer Betas or later. Please be cautious and watch this repository for changes.