MacPostFactor Version History/Release Notes

An MCPF update is recommended to assist you in installing OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, and Mountain Lion on your old Mac. Also, by updating the system software of your Mac, you can enjoy various additional features and enhanced security. Always use to the latest version.
Never download this from any other provider. All links must link to this page or directly from Kelian's server. This is to ensure that nothing was tampered with and that you have the most reliable and tested software. 

Version 2.0.1

This version is a minor "bug-fix" update to MacPostFactor v2.0.
This version :

- Fixes adfly URL issues
- Improves some error messages (makes them more explicit)
- Fixes some minor UI issues/glitches
- Fixes log files not appearing!
- Add some verbosity to the install process (for logs)

Version 2.0

This version is huge! It features many improvements everywhere!
Anyway, in this version, you'll find :

- General added features and fixes :
- OS X El Capitan support
- Ability to use a smaller Recovery (≈ 600MB instead of 5GB) with no compromises on available features
- Bluetooth Audio FIX on 32bit ML Hack

- Better MacPostFactor UI and UX :
- New Preferences Window
- New Customise button
- Search again for Install OS X _ _ by a click of a button
- Nicer interface
- Nicer switching animations

- Better MacPostFactor App :
- Better code organisation
- Snow Leopard Compatibility (BETA)
- Contributors now working! Donate to figure on the list!
- Ability to change the USB name when erasing it
- New feature : "One click install"
- Really fixes Paypal donation link
- Fixes USB space check (total space instead of left space)
- Fixes ton of other minor bugs
- Reduces the energy footprint when creating USB Installers
- Better OSXHackers Preview bootlogo
- Better logs in case of error
- OS X Mav+ kernels are now stored online (reduces MacPostFactor's size and allows MLforAll to add a new kernel without updating the MacPostFactor app itself)

- Improved the Hacking Process :
- No more Error Code 3
- Use of kernelcache whenever possible
- Fixes USB installers not booting

- Improved MacPostFactor "side-apps" (recovery apps) :
- Better MacPostFactor Services Init
- Better OS X Manager with SIP management support
- MUCH BETTER "MacPostFactor OS X Installer” (determinated progress bar.. support for ML and Mav...)

- "About" and "Dock Glass Effect” replaced by "MacPostFactor" that also adds new tweaks!

MacPostFactor v2.0 is a way refined version of MacPostFactor. It's also packed with features and there are certainly some of them (new features or refinements) that I forgot to add in this changelog or that I grouped.

Version 1.0.1

This version fixes bugs in the MLPF to MCPF migration system for GMA
computers causing :

- Error Code 4 when installing MacPostFactor
- SystemVersion.plist that is not replaced when doing the migration from OS X 10.8.0

It also fixes the following :

- Donation links and sheet's button not doing the appropriate action.
- boot.efi not being the right one when choosing to install MCPF on a MacBook3,1 or MacBook4,1 causing the USB not booting.
- Boot EFI Changer crashing due to an NSThread exception.

Version 1.0

This version contains a lot of bug fixes and some new features. Here’s them :

- Fixes Wi-Fi on 32bit hack
- Fixes Bluetooth on 32bit hack
- Fixes volumes using the cd9660 filesystem not mounting (like the Dropbox Installer dmg).
- Fixes an issue preventing the Recovery's « rehack » option to work
- Fixes bugs in the Installer
- Fixes bugs in Recovery
- Fixes bugs with « OS X Hackers » bootlogo
- Fixes bugs in the Summary view of the Installer
- Improves the « Clean Install » option in the Recovery.
- Improves the Automatic MCPF Hack Updater

- Adds true OS X 10.8.5 32bit support
- Adds little touches in the Installer (like animations)
- Ask you to disable the dock’s glass effect on GMA 950 computers at first login for every account.
- Adds experimental Yosemite installation (No OpenGL)
- Adds GMA950 and GMAX3100 drivers in Recovery and USB Installation.
- Adds MLPF to MCPF easy migration

- URLs can be changed at anytime by MLforAll without the need of a new MCPF version.
- process has been improved

Version 0.2b1 - Initial Release

This version was the initial release of MCPF. Includes the following :

- No more separate "Install" partition. Everything is done inside one partition
- Easily /"rehack"/Clean Install/Install on top of/ your OS X install using the custom MCPF Recovery
- Support for upgraded GPU Mac Pros
- Support for GMA in 64-bit under ML (VERY EXPERIMENTAL)
- Support for Mavericks (OpenGL only available with an upgraded GPU)
- New beautiful design
- Automatically patch OS X when the install is completed
- Support for bootable USB keys (will auto-patch OS X and install the MCPF Recovery)

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